New Album

2016-10-19 20:19:09 by Alexwilsoncomposer

Hey everyone,

If you haven't already seen it clogging the audio portal, my new album Forever Onward is out! All the music is inspired by RGP music, so if you love games as much as I do, then this album is for you! Let me know what you think! :D


Iguana Iguana!

2015-09-28 10:06:02 by Alexwilsoncomposer

Finally another project completed! Iguana Iguana was uploaded some time ago, but never to late to show you guys! This was my first venture into sound design rather than just composition. Let me know what you think!


New Game!

2014-07-02 22:06:12 by Alexwilsoncomposer

The zombie shooter game I have been making music for is finally completed! :D Everyone give it a try! This was my first videogame soundtrack of hopefully many more in the future. Cheers!


2014-01-16 22:12:46 by Alexwilsoncomposer

Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I compose music. I wanted to post my work here so that I could maybe get some feedback from you all, and perhaps do some collaberations as well. I would love to compose for anyone and for any project you may throw at me. My musical styles include progressive rock, atmospheric rock, classcal/cinematic scores, swing, jazz, funk, latin, bossa nova, new age and many more!  As for the music I post, let me know if you love/hate it and why! Thanks!!